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Fast & Easy Vegan Recipes - 10 Minutes to Health!

About Seth Webster

Seth Webster, an accomplished musician, entrepreneur and technology geek, began his vegan journey in 2010 and immediately felt at home.  He loves producing new Ten-Minute Vegan videos, sharing new recipes that make being vegan fun every day.

Seth has completely transformed his life by adopting a plant-based diet. Having now lost 100lbs and no longer suffering from many physical ailments which diminshed is quality of life, Seth is highly motivated and driven to share this transformation with others.

“It’s not as hard as people think, and frankly,” Seth says, “when you witness the many success stories out there with such astounding results, it’s hard to imagine people aren’t flocking in droves.  I believe much of this has to do with misperceptions about how expensive and difficult a plant-based lifestyle can be, and with their lack of understanding and exposure to how the food in their current diet is produced.”

You can read more about Seth Webster’s journey toward adopting a plant-based diet by reading “Fat Man No More“.